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Protein Waffles and Workout Channel Reviews

Chococat stays chocolatey with lots of chocolate protein powder! One day he will be able to lift the protein powder jar. For now, he can only scoop.

Protein Waffles Vegan Gluten-free | Gothic Granola


Mmmm, back to the delicious Raw Proteins from Garden of Life.

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Confronting the Cupcake | Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

“Don’t hang out down there.”
I heard or “heard” it in a yoga practice. Either the instructor said it or that little voice to which it would behoove me to pay more attention said it in my head. Don’t hang out for longer than necessary in a position. Otherwise we risk injury and our energy becomes stagnant.
avocado chocolate cupcakes vegan gluten-free

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Sweet Potatoes and Cats

Maximus, the male of my aunt and uncle’s pair of cats, likes to hang out with me when I meditate in the morning.  When I switched from exercising on the ground floor to the top floor of the house (gotta follow the WiFi, man), he became confused and meowed loudly at me.  Max caught on soon enough and knows to find me upstairs.
maximus-in-a-carrot-box | gothic granola | sweet potatoes and cats

Max has a thing for the carrot box I brought home from Costco.
He’s a natural blogger!
maximus blogger sweet potatoes and cats vegan gluten-free | gothic granola


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