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Caelum Non Animum | Quinoa Apple Muffins

Reposting this blog has brought much reflection. 2011 was my first taste of freedom as an intern in DC. 2012 I sought to recapture that freedom, but such things cannot be duplicated. 2013 was divided into nine months in the Working Class University of Life and School of Hard Knocks followed by Gothic Charm School. 2014 got off to a rocky start, but now we’re in the Rockies. Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt I invalidated in this instance as TC and I worked at improving our outlooks on life before the move, with great success.

Another recipe without many pictures, so there are cat pictures instead!

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Vodka Muffins | Mercurial Musings

Part I of Cooking with Hard Liquor



Vegan pica. That’s all that justifies this recipe. I wanted to make
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Poisoned, and an Antidote


As a friend of mine states it so elegantly, when we GF-ers eat gluten, if feel like “our guts are rotting.” All of my food intolerances–dairy, eggs, and wheat–provoke that kind of inflammatory response from my body. The sushi I bought at work yesterday? Q-poison. Didn’t read the label–rule number one in eating out as a VGF person–and I was already eating when I noticed the sesame kale rolls were vegan, but, alas, not gluten-free. Poisoned. It’s a fitting twist of fate, given that I am beginning a new job elsewhere on Wednesday.

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Trendy Thursday | Quinoa Pizza Muffins

Q is for Quinoa.
Quinoa pizza bites are all over the ’nets. Google it. Figured I’d throw my hat into the ring, my colonial tricorn into the Coraline other-world ring, that is.
The particular recipe I deconstructed and rebuilt is from a blog called “The Way to His Heart Blog,” taking its title from the phrase, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


Whenever I think of that phrase, I think of Akasha ripping a guy’s heart out in Queen of the Damned. Vampires have kind of ruined me in some ways. Then again, my birthday is Halloween…

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Quinoa and Chix Kickasserole

Today, besides thesis work and figuring out my operations here (laundry, organizing my food in the pantry and freezer), I made a big entrée to portion out and freeze for munching throughout the year.  I ate some soup on Thursday that I made in May, hence why I say that I will eat frozen entrees throughout the year.

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