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Agave Oat Cookies

 I found this recipe years ago (2010) soon after becoming vegan. I brought home some agave nectar from the Whole Earth Center in Princeton since I had switched to natural and vegan sweeteners. The picture on the source website looks nothing like the finished product. Although, I suppose if you used the full 1/2 cup of canola oil, the cookies would spread. Did I mention I was also hypersensitive (mentally) about using too much fat in recipes in 2010, too?

agave oat cookies vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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Rocky Mountain High Granola

On Saturday, we took a road trip to the highest incorporated town in North America: Alma, Colorado.


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Changes & Chias: Fig Hemp PB Granola

Music of the moment:


Chia seeds in granola were a brainstorm with lightning that struck just the right places.

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Luddite or Ludic? Tahini Granola

If you have known and corresponded with me for any length of time, at some point you will receive a picture of a written page instead of a typed message. In the case of my dear friend KJC, I sent her fourteen-page letters composed over several days and Metro rides last fall, pretty much every week. Writing is more efficient for me than typing, though I type faster than I write. Not all efficiency is speed, however. Writing with pen and paper satisfies me physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally more than typing (though there of course are times where my graphomania requires digital paper and ink, and much of it). Nay, while I may seem to undergo Luddite fits in which I shun technology, generally I am amenable to the shiny devices (phone, compy, iPad, iPod, camera) and the connectivity they provide. I just make them work for me.tahini granola notebook page vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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My Protein Bars Bring All the Boys to the Yard

They really do.

I served over 250 squares of cacao goji hemp protein bars on Wednesday for Foodie Call. This week’s theme was Whole Body, the supplements department. I modified this superfood bar from Earthsprout, having bookmarked the idea when Eleanor included it in her newsletter earlier this year.
my protein bars bring all the boys to the yard  | gothic granola

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Four Pieces of Advice | Chocolate Hempseed Granola

Four Pieces of Advice
What did my mother teach me how to do?
What didn’t my mother teach me how to do?!
Let’s not go there. We are spiritual beings having a material experience, and material experiences have limitations.
Meta-discussion out of the way (not sorry, as a religion scholar, I must always make such concessions), here’s a recipe and the advice.
granola vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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Breakfast Interlude

Instead of chocolate chips in your breakfast, have some raw cacao nibs: crunchy, tasty antioxidants!  Instead of riding the white sugar roller coaster from some cookie-lookalike cereal, enjoy a chocolate-oat-nut mélange that will power you through the morning or the rest of your workday, if you’re like me and enjoy granola for lunch a few times a week.

 chocolate cacao nib granola vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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