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Pushing Potential: Yes, Virginia, Fruit is for Savouries

Why limit the potential of fruit? Roasting figs is the second best way to eat them, in my opinion, second to dried figs. I call this side dish a fall preview since roasting is a more energy-intense cooking method appropriate to complement the winding down of summer. Abbreviating the name of this dish would be FFEO, but I don’t think this is an ugly recipe (feo is ugly en espanol). I seemed to have been on a purple kick since the figs, onion. and eggplant were all of the same hue. Maybe I should call it Figs Royale since purple is the colour of royalty in the ancient world…but then why choose a French adjective for a Greco-Roman concept? Too much thinking as a side dish, enjoy my favourite way to eat vegetables: al horno.
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Canticle of the Oat Farl

Take a seat; there’s a sermon in here somewhere.
Last week, I read Isaiah 24:16 before going to bed: “For the treacherous deal treacherously/ The treacherous deal very treacherously.” (NRSV)
Treacherous cat is treacherous.

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Dark Cookies, Light Hearts


A cool, dark, yin-tastic mint cookie complements a cup of ginger tea while surviving the Virginia DMV and driving late on Solstice.  Interstate 70 East makes for a lovely late night drive because of its relative emptiness, with the lights of Baltimore polluting the sky to the east.  Spending Solstice with friends–and making new friends–truly welcomes the light to the world and helps me commit to allowing more light into my life.  Light, grace, positive energy–whatever you call it–is always available to us.  We work on letting go of all that we do and think that blocks its presence in our lives.

melty mints vegan gluten-free | gothic granola
I modified the melty mints to make them a more balanced, stable cookie with dates and coconut sugar. Sure, they could probably replace a cup of coffee with the caffeine from the cocoa and chocolate, but they’re rich enough to satisfy with just one cookie.

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