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Going Clean II: Detox Tea

Having your head stuck up your ass so far you can’t see is the wrong kind of flexibility.

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Simple Gifts: Beet Caraway Slaw

This recipe is ridiculously simple. I had beet stems leftover from buying beets in November. Instead of chewing through them raw or using them in juice, I decided to tenderize them in a quick “refrigerator pickle” with sauerkraut.  For fun, I threw in some raw apple cider vinegar, caraway seeds, and German mustard.  So that the beets and acidic juices wouldn’t turn a container pink, I used a glass container.  I stuck it in the back of the fridge and forgot about it for a few hours. When I took it out, the beet stems had become slightly less chewy and the sour, salty sauerkraut had balanced their natural sweetness.  Success! Similarly, I made stinky raw daikon more palatable by grating it on a mandolin cutter and combining it with sweet crushed pineapple for a slaw of sorts. Then I ran these recipes together and made daikon kraut slaw.
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Dear $(6,4)@# | Cats on a Cleanse Part 2 of 2

Dear $(6,4)@#,
What’s all this detox business about?  Can you give me some pointers?

Cats on a Cleanse



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The Advice Columnist on Survival and Detox, Part 1 o’ 2

In 2001, my brother and I invented Minapoo Mag, the official magazine of da cat family (of which there are 282 members with my acquisition of Jaeger).

Jaeger | Gothic Granola

Meet Jaeger, named after the protagonist in Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder comic series.

Anyway, all the cats collaboratively write Mina’s egocentric magazine.  The advice columnist is Mina’s son, Scamp, who recently turned 17.  Scamp’s not so good wit spellin’ (in the same way that da Ownie Q is not good wit crowds, srsly).  He’s one half of Da Inventor Brudderz—Scamp and Pepper—the kitties responsible for Seussian innovations in KittyWorld. Read more →

Beer for Breakfast

Part II of III for food involving vegan and GF beer.

For when you have the munchies or need the hair of the dog.
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Change in Plans

Dear ones,
I’m taking a Sabbath, as in *the* Sabbath, according to these principles at Sabbath  The only thing I’m not getting behind on this list is the “drink wine” part, and the bread I might eat will of course be vegan and gluten-free.  Longer postage will resume next week.


P.S. Sabbath puts me in the mood for challah.

Spring Cleaning the Freezer | Chocolate Cryogenic Strata

On to the cleaning.  I went home this weekend and cleaned out the corner of the freezer in which I have been accumulating various vegan and GF bits and bobs (i.e., the effects of the sentiment, “let’s double the recipe so I can not cook five days a week”).  Mainly I had dessert detritus which would take a while to consume individually.

chocolate cryogenic strata vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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