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Rocky Mountain High Granola

On Saturday, we took a road trip to the highest incorporated town in North America: Alma, Colorado.


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Changes & Chias: Fig Hemp PB Granola

Music of the moment:


Chia seeds in granola were a brainstorm with lightning that struck just the right places.

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My Protein Bars Bring All the Boys to the Yard

They really do.

I served over 250 squares of cacao goji hemp protein bars on Wednesday for Foodie Call. This week’s theme was Whole Body, the supplements department. I modified this superfood bar from Earthsprout, having bookmarked the idea when Eleanor included it in her newsletter earlier this year.
my protein bars bring all the boys to the yard  | gothic granola

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Train of Thought, Fungi, Chocolate Hearts, Chia Seeds, and Other Products

I was about to write, “quick post,” then I realised I’ve used that excuse one too many times here.  As Neil Gaiman writes about writing in one of the Sandman volumes, “Never explain, never apologise.”  I’m going to make time to write this because I enjoy blogging.  Simple enough.  
chocolate heart cakes vegan gluten-free ganache gothic granola 

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