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Pan-Fried Blueberries: Blueberry Blue Cornbread

Blueberry Un-Blues: Blueberry Blue Cornbread
Measure twice, cut once, as the adage goes. Measure once, make it, measure again, remake it, I say. Seeing blueberry cornbread “by the pound” at work made me want to make my own, with whole grain flours. In the first iteration, I used all coarse-grind blue cornmeal to make it truly blue.

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In the House of Dreams | Welsh Cakes

For the past three weeks, I have dreamt about the inside of a house. It is not just any house, it is a mansion, a schloss in Bavaria, I decided. Outside the floor-length windows in the main hall, it s always purplish, cloudy dusk over snow-covered, black, rocky mountains. I see the northeastern view. A gallery runs around the inside of the hall, separating first from second floors, but I haven’t seen the stairs. Curiously, the walls are either plain dark wood paneling or whitewashed plaster. Different people I know from my current life have appeared in my dreams there. I don’t know what it means, other than it’s some sort of mashup of the pirate feast and SCA events and Nosferatu and Carmilla.

Welsh Cakes | Gothic Granola

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