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Basic Fried Rice

Continuing the theme of “so basic it shouldn’t need a recipe and I’d rather be writing” posts, here is the vegan and gluten-free fried rice recipe TC makes for me when we have leftover fried rice.

fried rice vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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Protein Brownies

I’m not a fan of baking with protein powder, for the record. The “Shakeology Cookies” I made this time last year tasted odd and sharply fake-sweet. The stevia and other low-calorie sweeteners in most protein powders just don’t set well with me either raw (by themselves) or baked. These brownies are good, in theory, when you’re looking for a substantial but sweet snack, and the texture became almost cheesecake-like. I haven’t been impressed with the vanilla blended Sun Warrior protein powder, and it’s still pretty gross in brownie form, too. So use whatever protein powder, preferably chocolate, that you already like. Since I used vanilla powder, the brownies were not as chocolate-coloured as they could be.

Protein Brownies | Gothic Granola vegan gluten-free


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National Cookie Day | Black Forest Brownies

National Cookie Day is 4 December, which also happens to be an important date in the novel I’ve been writing since 2006.

If you know me in person, you know that I like vampires: old-school, bloodsucking, remorseless, Dracula, Carmilla, The Vampire Lestat type of vampires. None of this Twilight wishy-washy stuff, a little Charlaine Harris (haven’t read much of her work, but from what I hear…). Some Hemlock Grove as well, though that book (and excellent Netflix series) is about werewolves, which are cool, too. Back to the point. We need food for the brain as much as we do food for the body. Creativity for me (writing, beading, recipe R&D) feeds me, too. And I like vampires.

Waiting Vampire Brownies | Gothic Granola

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Chocolate Chocolate Lazy Cookies

Trans fats are unsafe, says FDA.

Enough said. Enjoy vegan & gluten-free baked goods free of trans-fats!

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Simple Gifts: Revolutionary Black Bean Brownie Dip

Post II of III in Simple Gifts series
Changing your health, particularly losing weight, isn’t just about letting go of pounds, it’s also about letting go of that which doesn’t serve you: people, jobs, over-the-top responsibilities, habits…in short,
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 08.58.55 AM

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Miceli Brownies

I believe one should speak one’s mind. I have nothing nice, as in pleasant or organised, to say right now, coming off or through the job transition, so I will not say anything. Not here, anyway. Much processing to keep doing.

Miceli Brownies | gothic granola 

Today I present Miceli Brownies, or “Knock You Nakeds,” caramel-filled brownies or cake bars. They are dense, chewy, and mad crazy sweet. I invite your submissions of your rhapsodical memories from Lenape or Princeton when my mother or I made them and brought them to events or I returned to school with a container in tow. Read more →

Cheezecake Roundup | Marbled Cheezecake Brownies

Clearly, I like cheezecake.
PB Choco Cheezecake | Gothic Granola 

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