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Avocados & Aggression | Strawberry Avocado Waffles

Sometimes aggressively remaking a recipe yields better results. I have made these waffles three times now and the last time, while not perfect, was the best of all three. These are more anti-James food since I used both avocados and strawberries, both of which are foods to which my brother objects. Good thing I made these just for me! I mucked up my waffle iron with the wet batter in the process, but I consider it well broken-in now. The cocoa makes the avocado taste more apparent, I think, unless it’s obscured with lots of sweetener. The strawberry version below has no cocoa.

CHocolate WAffles | Gothic Granola 

Chocolate avocado waffles (eventually drowned in maple syrup and almond butter), circa February.

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Advocatus Avocado | Avocado Banana Bread

Avocados are a polarizing ingredient, like cilantro. Either you think it’s the bee’s knees or you think it’s the devil’s hooves. Wednesday’s Foodie Call challenge ingredient was avocado. It’s nice to have over 200 recipes from which to choose (and that’s just my blog right here). I Vitamixed some avobachoco. As my student job supervisor said when I made it in 2012, many customers confirmed that it would be a great baby food. Funny, I forgot that it contained almond butter until I checked the recipe just now.
beaucoup avocados | vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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Confronting the Cupcake | Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

“Don’t hang out down there.”
I heard or “heard” it in a yoga practice. Either the instructor said it or that little voice to which it would behoove me to pay more attention said it in my head. Don’t hang out for longer than necessary in a position. Otherwise we risk injury and our energy becomes stagnant.
avocado chocolate cupcakes vegan gluten-free

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Spring *Brack* | Avobachoco

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I put something green in this chocolate pudding: Avocado! 


First dish of the week was Avobachoco.

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A Slice of the Wiki Pie

Greetings from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.!  I’m attending the Wikipedia GLAMcamp D.C. in order to learn more about how I, as a student worker at my school’s archives, can facilitate GLAM-Wikipedia collaboration.  You can learn more about GLAMs and Wikipedia here.

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