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Persimmon Muffins

Hey, it’s my birthday! I’m going to revel in my Early Onset Grumpiness.



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Never Too Early for Pumpkin Muffins

It’s only seventy-four days until Halloween/my birthday, and it’s not too early for pumpkin muffins.  Snow is appearing on the mountains and it snowed (briefly, no accumulation) at 11,500 feet last weekend.

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Another Apple Pie

This post has two geneses: as Fall rolls around to Northern Colorado (37 degrees yesterday, what?!), TC requested an apple pie, after I made Key Lime Pie a few weeks ago.

One of the two things I didn’t do before I left DC was to make VGF pie with my friend Andi. This is for you, Andi, since it’s unlikely I’ll be back in DC to bake pie with you anytime soon.



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Challenge: Savoury Yeast Bread

I love carbs. Probably because I’m exhausted most of the time (work hard, play hard). This will soon change when I have a stable schedule, about which I am more excited than Samhain and Winter Solstice combined. To make a new routine that revolves around a stable work schedule will help me get grounded and stay grounded. For I know I can jump to higher creative heights when I have a stable base from which to jump.

Speaking of jumping: a spot of exercise with your dear blogger. This is how I checked my form on one of my favourite moves from INSANITY. Exercising late at night obviously has its effects.

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Falling Hard Cider Apple Muffins/Muffbars

Avast! Happy International Talk like a Pirate Day! 



Throwback Thursday, circa 2007, when I began celebrating ITLAPD by wearing my pirate shirt to school. I raise a mug of tea, stolen off a British schooner, to ye.
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Pushing Potential: Yes, Virginia, Fruit is for Savouries

Why limit the potential of fruit? Roasting figs is the second best way to eat them, in my opinion, second to dried figs. I call this side dish a fall preview since roasting is a more energy-intense cooking method appropriate to complement the winding down of summer. Abbreviating the name of this dish would be FFEO, but I don’t think this is an ugly recipe (feo is ugly en espanol). I seemed to have been on a purple kick since the figs, onion. and eggplant were all of the same hue. Maybe I should call it Figs Royale since purple is the colour of royalty in the ancient world…but then why choose a French adjective for a Greco-Roman concept? Too much thinking as a side dish, enjoy my favourite way to eat vegetables: al horno.
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Pumpkin Pie Recipe! Quick! Quick! {With Paleo Variation}

The title of this post is not intentionally misleading.  The pie itself is time-consuming, as is all pie, but I managed to have time to bake it and read forty or so pages of American literature for class tomorrow.  Now I’m writing this and listening to the strange turn my Rammstein channel on Pandora has taken, featuring classical arrangements of alternative songs.  I may eat this pie for breakfast since I have yet to make lunch and breakfast for tomorrow.


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