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Simple Gifts: Sweet Potato Supper

Post III of III in Simple Gifts series
simple gifts: sweet potato supper vegan gluten-free | gothic granola
What’s missing? What does it mean to miss something? What am I missing? What are you missing? What do I miss right now?
I saw this article on missing someone was “recommended for me” when I was reading an article about yoga on Mind Body Green.  What my cookies say about me, I tell ya.

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Apocalyptic Waffles

Of the inspirational folk who I follow on teh interwebs, I noticed a theme in the past few days.

Be yourself.

Cassey Ho of Blogilates posted this on her Instagram.

Bertice Berry wrote this meditation on doing what is right for you, no matter how unpopular.

Media messages regarding “a new year, a new you” to me sound like a harsh break.  Gradual change over time is more sustainable, and is, hello, how the world works, than suddenly, perhaps, trying to eat six cups of kale a day instead of meat.  Or suddenly trying to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Take a breath, take another, and notice–without judgment–what you’re doing.  Notice what you’d like to let go of.  Think hard on how you want to do it.  Then get to it.  Notice when you slip from your goals.  Get up.  Keep going.  Most things become less difficult with time.  I saw this quote on my quote-of-the-day calendar from 2011 that I turn every time I go home: The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling (Lucretius).

The baked goods below were part of my ApocalypseChristmas cookie lineup for 2012, a not-too-sweet breakfast/dessert enriched with pine nut flour.  You may substitute whatever nut or seed flour you have handy; I think hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, or almond meal would work well.  Not-too-sweet cookies work for me for dessert and breakfast; my uncle enjoyed them for breakfast and pronounced them “like vegan French toast.”

Apocalyptic Pignoli Waffles | Gothic Granola

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