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Ginger Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ginger Orange Booze Cookies, that is.  While I had real ginger in the house, and could have coloured them orange with real turmeric root, I followed TC’s suggestion and made a ginger liqueur and triple sec chocolate chip cookie.  Sweetened with agave, vegan, gluten-free, slow-food, housemade, local… No, I’m not trying to up my SEO. I’m being ironic.

  ginger orange liqueur cookies vegan gluten-free | gothic granola 

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Is it still Chilli?

Part III of III on vegan and gluten-free beer

If it doesn’t have tomatoes, is it still chilli?  According to this needs-citations-article, chilli (yep, I’m using the UK spelling for a New World dish) involves tomatoes.
 beet beer chilli vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

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Beer for Breakfast

Part II of III for food involving vegan and GF beer.

For when you have the munchies or need the hair of the dog.
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Beer and Pizza

Post I of III on vegan and gluten-free beer

beer braised onions pizza vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

Pizza and beer…well, for me, I’d like root or birch beer to drink with pizza, not the hard stuff.  However, beer-braised onions are one of the summer grilling season’s delights that I miss terribly.  This recipe would be a tonne of fun to make on the grill, but, alas, no outdoor grill for Q.  Nevertheless, there was about a cup and a half of Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose GF blend to be used, and use it I would in a savoury application.

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Of Bread and Beer

When I was taking my walk on Tuesday or Wednesday night, I overheard a youngish man introducing his infant son to an elderly couple, “Ben.  Benjamin, like Benjamin Franklin.”  Franklin was vegetarian for part of his life, as he says in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklinuntil he wasn’t.  

of bread and beer | vegan gluten-free| gothic granola 
On to the beer.  What, you say, Q, you’re VGF and you don’t drink—what is this beer business?!  I may not drink but I don’t mind cooking with alcohol, as long as it’s vegan and gluten-free.  Ben Franklin said about beer, “I endeavor’d to convince him [a fellow workman] that the Bodily Strength afforded by Beer could only be in proportion to the Grain or Flour of the Barley dissolved in the Water of which it was made; that there was more Flour in a Penny-worth of Bread, and therefore if he would eat that with a Pint of Water, it would give him more Strength than a Quart of Beer.”

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